With a bullet

    The advent of 2018 spurred me to keep a bullet journal.


Basically, a bullet journal is a notebook in which you organize your life. It employs a series of basic symbols that are applied to tasks/notes/et cetera, including the simple dot/bullet that indicates a to-do. The basics of bullet journaling are laid out here.

I’ve taken up this practice because I want to spend less time looking at screens, and because there’s deep satisfaction in having a physical object that tells the tale of your days. Who wants to print the archives of their Google Keep account for posterity?

via Boho Berry / dailyburn.com

Naturally, bullet journals appeal to crafty and arty types, the folks who like to doodle and make scrapbooks. The format is loose enough to encompass just about anything a person can create with a pen. Wish I had the skill to make mine prettier. (Bulleted) note to self: sign up for drawing class…

If I stick with this practice, maybe I can teach it in the makerspace. It would be amusing to invite people into the digital lab to learn this analog system.

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