Eating at Meeting

At my library, Friday morning is the time when we gather around a table in the board room, decide which books to buy, and eat snacks. We librarians take turns providing the edibles. Most bring in an assortment of donuts and crumb cakes from the grocery store, but me? I go berserk in the kitchen.

Over the past three years I have served up homemade yoghurt & granola, panna cotta, cookies, berry cobblers, muffins, chocolate mousse, and other assorted tasty treats. Once I even whipped up a chocolate babka, which was more work than any term paper I’ve ever written, and certainly gave more satisfaction.

Step 1: Eat this. Step 2: Take Lipitor.

The (mostly) ladies of book meeting were astonished to find that a male specimen knew how to cook. I was astonished that they were astonished. Baking is easy! You find a recipe, you do what it says! But not everyone enjoys it. I like making things, especially things that can be made in a short period of time and fill your stomach soon afterward.

This week I have branched out and baked a savory dish to satisfy the colleagues who don’t share my sweet tooth. Behold, the bacon & egg breakfast pie:


Let’s see how many diets I can derail with that recipe.

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