I just put a new ribbon on my typewriter.


Why are you looking at me that way?

I am old enough to have learned how to write on a typewriter. When computers came around, I wrote many a college paper and newspaper article on plastic keyboards that were not sturdy enough for the raw power of my Smith Corona typing skills. CLACKITY CLACKITY WHACK

These days I am grateful to have two old typewriters in good condition. Manual typewriters, mind you, not one of those electric monstrosities that whirr at you impatiently like a disapproving blender or something. They are ugly and I have no qualm if you’d like to drop them all from a great height on Facebook headquarters.

Knowing how to change a typewriter ribbon makes me feel oddly proud. Gather ’round, kinder, and see how we used to write books when paper was all we had! We all had ink on our fingers, and we LIKED it!

I still like it. If you want to get some writing done, there’s no beating an old Royal or Olympia or Underwood, since it will never distract you with cat videos and breaking news updates.

As famed enthusiast Tom Hanks says, owning a typewriter is like having a personal printing press on your desk. The machine I just fed a new ribbon has been in good working order since at least World War II. All the computers currently in use will be useless¬† in twenty years. I’m glad to go back to the CLACKITY SMACKITY WHACK.




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