Now Presenting…

So you know about TED talks, right? Those brief lectures given by “thought leaders” in front of people who specialize in “disruption” and “innovation?”

from Wikimedia Commons

Well, TED has a franchise operation called TEDx. If you are able to successfully apply for a TEDx license, and are willing to abide by a great many rules, you can put on your very own TEDx event in your town.

My library did this over the weekend. I organized it, inasmuch as I chose the speakers and laid out the day’s programming. The staging and videorecording were farmed out to a production company that turned our auditorium into a dark, dramatically-lit TV studio.


We had a 12-man production crew, nine speakers, people zooming around talking into headsets, a green room, piles of catered lunch nosh, and a live internet stream. It was kinda nuts.

The talks were on a wide variety of subjects: the power of focus, personal & professional trauma, the quick generation of ideas, life as a secular Muslim in today’s America, composing music for video games, trends in philanthropy, open-source tech in the arts, and how to use innovation in order to spend more time with the kids. I got to see only one talk — too busy dealing with backstage issues. I’ll have to wait until the videos are edited and uploaded to the internet, just like most everyone else.

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