Sweet / Bitter

Roughly two weeks after the abrupt removal of my appendix, I am finally feeling somewhat close to normal. Just don’t ask me to bend over at the waist for the next month or so.

I have two persistent reminders of the surgery. First, there is the troika of little abdominal scars, spots where the surgeon cut into me and inserted laparoscopic tools. Secondly, my sense of taste has taken a turn for the weird.

Chocolate — my staff of life — now has an unpleasant after-taste. Sharp cheddar cheese, much the same. There’s a chemical bitterness to several foods that never had one before. Is this an after-effect of anaesthesia? Have I awakened to a new world in which fudge brownies promise pleasure but deliver only bitterness?

There are worse fates. No sane person would consume as much chocolate as I am wont to consume. This side effect could be the thing that finally allows me to lose weight!



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