Writer, Musician & Maker

I have written many things: essays, reviews, plays, songs, short stories, poems, a newspaper column, computer code, to-do lists…

Friends don’t let friends buy this many typewriters.

For more than a decade I made a living as a freelancer, mostly penning arts journalism and personal essays for newspapers including the Boston Globe, Maine Times, Portland Press Herald and Portland Phoenix. Somewhere in there I ghost-wrote a pair of Sweet Valley Kids mass-market paperbacks and won a Maine Press Award.

Since before the debut of my high-school rock duo Three’s A Crowd, I’ve been writing pop/folk songs. After a few years of performing solo, I wished other people would sing them, and found a way to make this happen: writing musicals! So I produced not one, but two. I also wrote a short play called “Kickass Librarian” that has been performed at Boston Theater Marathon and by more than a dozen theater troupes while getting turned into a YouTube video with more than 60,000+ views so far.


Maker-wise: I’ve been messing with computers since the days of BASIC and the Commodore 64. Now I fiddle with microcomputers like the Raspberry Pi to make game consoles, homebrew Alexa machines, et cetera. For a while I served as production assistant to my Audie Award-winning friend Tavia Gilbert, an audiobook narrator. My library job has given me the chance to get famliar with 3D printing, 3D design, and virtual reality. I’ve also dabbled in Arduino, website design (HTML/CSS), podcasting, zines, Python, making books by hand, and other make-y pursuits.